Urban Possibilities’ taps into the real-world muscles and provides empowerment tools to help inner-city adults use them as fuel to tell their stories on stage, land jobs and redesign their lives.

Providing The Best Chance To Succeed

Los Angeles leads the nation in homelessness and the numbers are rising. Yet within this group is an amazing array of real-world experience – of resilience, survival against all odds grit, ingenuity and creativity -a community of untapped potential.

Urban Possibilities’ taps into those real-world muscles and provides empowerment tools to help inner-city adults use them as fuel to tell their stories on stage, land jobs and redesign their lives.


Life’s toughest circumstances leave deep wounds. Many students suffer from depression, suicidal thoughts, feelings of worthlessness, guilt, shame, or are so emotionally shut down by the traumas of their past they isolate or no longer speak. UP empowerment education provides practical tools to begin healing and turns pain into power.


A job lead and great resume can get you in the door, but effectively telling your story lands the job. Our students often have gaps in their employment history making the ability to craft a compelling narrative even more crucial.


Verbal skills are ranked first in successful job interviews. Our focus on both verbal and written skills helps students express themselves clearly and concisely on the job, and in everyday life.


Being on time, completing assignments, presenting ideas, and follow-through are required on the job and in our class. Building Understanding your worth helps heighten stability, structure and achievement. DELETE We ask our students to distinguish their work with excellence.


“Why Should I Hire You? To answer that question, you must first know your value. We take a deep dive into our student’s gifts and what they can contribute, beyond their circumstances, so they can clearly convey that to others. Releasing the past, performing original work, standing ovations and book signings also help skyrocket self-worth.


A job search can be emotionally exhausting and very stressful while working to re-engage after trauma. UP gives empowerment tools that help students navigate the intense ups and downs of looking for a job.


To survive homelessness, life after prison, military trauma and more students have to think critically and problem solve – constantly. UP gives students the chance to practice analyzing challenges, asses alternatives and find solutions.


Core to our program is creativity. Students express their uniqueness, embrace their originality and exercise both sides of their brains. With strong creative muscles, students discover innovative ways to navigate life and realize new possibilities. Creative thinkers react better to change and energize workplaces.


We create first-time public speakers that deeply affect audiences. Our expert coaches teach students to powerfully deliver their work which gives them the skills to convey ideas and communicate effectively.


Our program is a team sport. As we work towards a common goal, they practice the camaraderie and responsibilities of being a team player that are central to a successful working life.

“This class saves lives so we can move forward and save others.” George

Juanita Davis

“I felt as if an alarm clock when off. . .”

“I felt as if an alarm clock went off that forced me to open part of my mind that was shut closed by my painful life experiences. Urban Possibilities taught me how to pick up the best pieces of my life. To recycle, renew and reinvent my attitude to be fearless and get out of the dark with my talents and treasures. To be authentic, raw and alive.”


We inspire people to think differently, take action and create change. We help men and women who have lived through life’s toughest trials turn pain into power. Join Us!

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