Welcome to the Tribe!

It’s taken me a long time to start blogging.  But now the words won’t stop.  They are flooding through me.  That’s life not-so-gentle nudge for me to start telling the story.  Cause until now we’ve been in the lab. Grinding for years. Obsessed with our work. Social scientists with something to prove. Evidence to gather. Holding Skid Row classes, constantly refining the curriculum, mounting shows, celebrating jaw dropping change, standing up when we get knocked down, learning from the results, evolving.

But no matter how we grow, the heart of what we do is evergreen.   Delivering tools to help folks turn pain into power- particularly those who’ve had the roughest time of it; the homeless and hopeless, those living past abuse, addiction, military trauma and more. Providing a practical set of empowerment tools as a launching pad for them to see how great they truly are and make a contribution from that place; and for the community to bear witness and in that witness be changed too.

I love this work.  My husband Craig and I have discovered something remarkable. At each performance, audiences report being moved, inspired, changed. Finding the fire inside of them. On our stage, students are launched into new possibilities and we’ve got a community of beautiful voices for you to hear. They are our students, and most astute teachers. Our enduring inspiration.   So now we extend an open invitation for you to become a member of our tribe, to swim in what’s possible and add your voice to our mighty chorus.

Eyvette Jones- Johnson,
Co-Founder & Executive Director,
Urban Possibilities

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