And So It Begins…

It had me and wouldn’t let go. That persistent, can’t drown it out with more work, more shopping, more anything urge.  Couldn’t see the details, but I knew It felt big. I knew it shot electricity through my body when I thought of it. Connected me like a bolt to omnipotence and my ancestors at once. I knew it moved me to hallelujah tears.  So, what did I do?  Immediately started counting all the reasons why it wouldn’t work – at least not now.  How would I pay for it? How would it impact a career I’d worked so hard to create? When would I find the time? Where would I even begin?

“Now. . .  I can see the thru line of it all.”

So, for a long while, I distracted myself in a swirl of someday one day.  Someday I’ll do this and one day I’ll do that. On days when TV production or life got nuts, I daydreamed and made imaginary plans to launch a non-profit with my husband Craig, but with little variation in my daily life. But of course, the more I thought of it, the more thoughts showed up and the louder the yearning grew.  Soon I began to feel the deep discordance between where I was and this thing that needed to be. The lack of harmony gave me far too many days of dark, dank blues.

“That’s the payoff when you say yes . . . “

Now firmly on this path with years behind me, I can see the thru line of it all.  My pondering drew me closer to it. My imagination formed it and then like a beacon signaled circumstances to it. Now I marvel at how our urges are guideposts.  That through torturous agitation or joyful inspiration, they can lead to the path of our greatest unfoldment – open the door to full-out adventure.  That’s the payoff when you say yes to your dream and find the courage to take that wildly crazy scary first step.  Taking a deep breath and big leap – That’s how Urban Possibilities was born.

Eyvette Jones-Johnson,
Co-Founder & Executive Director,
Urban Possibilities

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