“This class put the “I’m worthy” stamp on my existence.  I never felt worthy until now. . . Through this program we have been empowered.  Now we vessels to empower others” -Abdul

“I asked GOD to take me away often.  I was so tired of struggling and fighting. When my employment specialist suggested that I join a writing workshop, I grew to learn that it is more like a SOUL WORKSHOP and I really needed some work done. If a person is down and out, hopeless, lost how can they look for a job, and maintain that job? I had the physical tools but I needed the internal tools as well. That is what this class has done for me.” -Soni

“It provided escape from the ghetto’s reality. Made me say “ahhhh…this is what I needed.” My writings are like children and I love to watch them grow. Folk need this!” – Joe

“For so long I felt weak. When I finished this class, I was full of energy, encouragement, and enough strength to face the future. I am ready to begin again. I am strong again.” – Carmen

“It’s so hard to look for a job, go on interviews and keep your head up. Sometimes I would think about ending it all but this class gave me life again.” – Chavon

“It let me know I can have courage in the face of fear and I will take that with me wherever I go.”  – Samuel

“This class changed my whole thinking pattern.  On interviews now my words flow and my thinking is clear. I thought writing would improve my grammar but this class changed my heart and mind. Since taking the class, I got a job and I’m being considered for a better one. The tool kit lessons really work!” – May

“After sharing work from my heart on stage in front of so many, selling myself one-on-one in an interview is cake.” – Qiana

“I began to feel as if what I had to share was worth something . . .  My mind developed from scattered thoughts to structured dreams and visions. . .We learned tools to make dreams a reality and I gave myself a chance for healing to take place and happiness to flourish through my creativity.”  – Giovanni

“Following the perfect storm of divorce, loss of my job and loss of my home, I washed up on the streets of Skid Row. I was dead meat walking. Through this program I found the amazing in myself. And it taught me never to underestimate the talent of people around me – even down here, especially down here.” – Michael S


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