Project Description


You dumb, you stupid, you foolish,
you crazy, you ugly,
you too nasty, you can’t cook,
ain’t no man ever gonna marry you,
you don’t act like other girls,
boy, you’ll never ‘mount to nothing,
you like yo no good daddy,
you fat pig…
Many of us have been hit,
With harsh words like this
Just because someone speaks them,
It doesn’t mean these words have to fit.

The person who speaks these words,
Are in deep dark pain themselves
They never learned to get pass them,
So they pass them on to someone else.

These afflicters don’t recognize it,
And they don’t ever get any help.
They naturally do what was done to them.
And never learn to control their selves.

If these words still hurt,
That tells you, you need to heal.
Be open to receive it,
For you, this, God can fulfill.

This pain is not your reality,
And this pain is not your prison
Do not agree with your attacker
This is your life and its’ your decision.

Let pain no longer be your prison
Do not accept bad things hurled at thee.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
So see yourself as God sees you to be.

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