Project Description


When I was six
There were these dancers that volunteered at my school
To teach African dance
Before them, I used to get in trouble
But when I danced, I felt like a different person
I knew I had to be good or I couldn’t keep dancing
I had to use my body differently than ever before
I knew then it would be a hobby for the rest of my life
I’m a modern dancer
I like abstract movement
The spirituality of gracefulness that’s how I feel when I’m dancing
When I hear the right song
It takes me over
I get lost in the music
It flows through my body and I can’t stop moving
To me, dance shouldn’t be perfect because human beings aren’t perfect
It should come from the heart

When I dance I like to give people a message
One of my favorites to dance to is Nina Simone’s Four Women
It’s the story of how they struggled to be accepted
I understand that

Because as much as I love dance
Sometimes I hold back because I haven’t studied technique
But If I didn’t hold back
I imagine dancing like I’m not part of the world anymore
I’m in my zone and
The whole world just stops

I want to get there
And use my love of dance to change my community
Maybe be a teacher or start a non-profit
To help kids who were like me
Express dance from their hearts

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