Project Description

In Remembrance

As Fathers Rise

I can still see her so clearly
big brown eyes and tiny feet
the light weight of her on my chest
as we both would fall asleep
From the start she was my responsibility
But I knew that I was lacking
many important qualities

Memories of her mother’s tummy
Memories of my daughter and me
Bring joy but now guilt and shame
Keep joy close company

You see I’ve fallen as her father
but the truth seems to be
That it was necessary
to correct my deficiency

Be a strong provider
make her smile and meet her needs
I must first trust in God our Father
to do the same for me

Seek him early each morning
His direction to guide me
With prayer and perseverance
I will keep growing steadily

And I will see her again so clearly
older now, same big brown eyes
that once saw her father fallen
and now has seen her father rise

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