Project Description


No more suffering. Life is coming for me
in classes like this that plant seeds and evoke a new beginning,
learning that once you change your thoughts you can change the way you live
I’m working hard
packing, relocating misplaced expectations
Removing insults like stains in a wall
Sweeping away negative memory
Like dust on the floor
Bleaching out dark forces that bring me down
Now I’m changing what I believe about myself
Like refreshing bad air
Just like a room full of clutter and disorder
Open the window of your heart
For new air to come in
and eventually
let the weaknesses come out
No more living on someone else’s curses
Planta tu semilla como el buen
Sembrador no en los suelos
Pero en los corazones, y abre
Las ventanas del optimismo
Dejando los rayos de amor entra

Plant the seed like a good gardner
not in the floor but in the heart
and open the windows and let optimism
and the rays of love enter

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