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“I was living with the heavy weight of my past and the pain of being unemployed. I felt unworthy all the time. Sometimes I would put myself in harms way. I just wanted the pain to stop. This class put the “I’m worthy” stamp on my existence. Now that I’ve been empowered, I’m now a vessel to empower others.” – Abdul

About Our Classes

A 12-week immersion in empowerment principles delivered through writing and performance. Each week students receive practical tools that can be applied immediately to improve their lives, enhance their job search and widen their view of what they can achieve.

Norma L. Eaton

“Urban Possibilities gave me my voice back, now I’m unstoppable!”

Domestic violence spiraled Norma out of her middle-class life into homelessness. Wounds so deep she stopped speaking.  The day she found the class was the day she was planning to take her life. “This class opened my heart beyond the darkness and despair and gave me tools to step into the greatness that was dormant but always there.” Now an UP program coordinator, today she uses her voice to help others find theirs.


We inspire people to think differently, take action and create change. We help men and women who have lived through life’s toughest trials turn pain into power. Join Us!

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