Dorothy Randall                         Gray is a moti-                         vational speaker,
                        life coach and                               author of six                         books including                         the best-selling                         Soul Between the                          Lines: Freeing Your Creative Spirit Through Writing (Avon/Harper Collins). Her nationally acclaimed writing workshops and personal growth seminars have been commissioned by numerous institutions, including the United Nations, Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon Institute, the Poetry Therapy Association, and the National Writers Union. She is the founder and executive director of the Heartland Institute for Transformation, an organization dedicated to the use of writing as a source of spiritual
activism and global healing.

Creative Writing Instructor

Our 9-week Published Writers Program takes clients from the intimidation of a blank page to the experience of being a published writer. The class uses the pain of living in poverty as a powerful tool to heal, transform and create inspiring work that touches the soul.

Together, students validate themselves in a safe environment, tell their stories and create images of hope and possibility for the future. Each program ends with a published volume
of work and a public reading to celebrate the achievements of our courageous new writers.

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“The therapeutic value of our writing gives the reader an eye witness to men being healed from burdens, failure and missed opportunity. Please support this class for the men and women to come.”
-Urban Possibilities Writer – Michael Gray

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"The experience of the writing class was the best thing that ever happened in my life. . . I will never forget this journey with my writing family.”
-Pedro Alvarado, Jr

Published Writers Program students, instructor Dorothy Randall Gray and
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